Chakra Sample Gift Set

Chakra Sample Gift Set

Muladhara~Awaken a sense of stability and completeness with scents of ginger, patchouli & clove
Svadhisthana~ Inspire the flow of creativity with ylang ylang, amyris & ho wood essential oils
Manipura~ Encourage confidence through the aroma of gingergrass,cedarwood & black pepper
Anahata~ Restore serenity with frankincense, chamomile & melissa essential oils
Vishuddha~ Rediscover your purpose with the scent of bergamot,grapefruit & basil
Ajna~ Balance emotion and reason with the fragrance lavender,rose geranium, and rosemary
Sahasrara~ Realize inner peace with vetiver,myrrh, & benzoin essential oils
7 individual 2oz bars of face/body soap
Please note:color may vary